Beach read

Library Rules

As an avid reader, there are few things in Singapore that I can be more thankful for than our National Library. I can remember my first library card, a tiny pink cardboard folder (size of…

Can't Buy Me Love

You Just Can’t Fake It

I’ll get to GE2015 hustings in a moment, but first, allow me to share a quote and a page from the history of literature in the UK. Allow me to start with a quote. “The…


Punishing Single Parenthood

One Sum Siew Kee wrote some rather shocking statements in a letter sent to Voices in Today newsPAPer. The writer’s mindset can be summed up in the following quote: “…In the case of benefits for…

Mad Doctor

Your Hearts Must Be Pure

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I was running for GE2015. I was submitting my nomination papers when the guy at the counter told me that one document was missing. “What’s that?”…


The Sun Also Rises

As usual, I set off from home at 6.00am this morning and took the LRT to the starting point of my morning walk. It was still dark and traffic was light. The little train going…


Between The Lines Of GE2015

We’re the best of times, we’re in the worst of times. We’re in the age of wisdom, we’re in the age of foolishness, we’re in the epoch of belief, we’re in the epoch of incredulity….

Chan Joon Yee

Warning Orders

So what’s new? The worst MRT breakdown to date occurred on 7th July 2015, bringing services on the North-South and East-West Lines to a complete halt for several hours during evening rush hour. All night,…