Slimming Cups?

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Cupping is a recognised form of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Many of us are already familiar with it. Even if we haven’t tried it ourselves, we would have seen the bruises that result from the procedure on men and women we see on the streets. According to TCM literature, cupping has the following… Continue reading

Massive Spillover

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When I boarded the LRT headed for Punggol MRT yesterday, everything seemed normal. People were even rushing into the train as the doors were closing. Then, I overhead telephone conversations about people going to be late. I didn’t hear the exact words, but I could definitely sense the anxiety of folks who had just discovered… Continue reading

China Crapping

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In 1993, Longman’s Dictionary of English Language and Culture was banned. Its entry for “Bangkok” described Thailand’s capital as a city known for its Buddhist temples and “a place where there are a lot of prostitutes”. Thai authorities said that the publication had eroded the good moral standards of the Thais. The Thai Foreign Ministry… Continue reading