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Bigshot Bloggers And Their Bullshit

You can call it envy if you like, but I don’t think much of “fashion/lifestyle bloggers”. Their phenomenal success, being able to actually make money by blogging about their expensive tastes, their lavish, extravagant lifestyles,…

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Shielded For Life – Can We Afford Not To Hoard?

About 25,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents with serious pre-existing medical conditions will have to pay additional premiums (+30% for 10 years) for MediShield Life, the Ministry of Health announced on Sept 21 2015. As usual,…


September 11th – A Sad Day For Singapore

You can tell from my previous post that I wasn’t particularly optimistic about GE2015. I was expecting just one GRC win at East Coast and WP retaining their seats. Sadly, even that didn’t come true….


Angry With Japan

Here’s something I found on, a piece written by a “Gen Y Voter”. It has apparently gone viral, shared mostly by PAP supporters. I’m quoting and replying him below. GEN Y VOTER: 4 years…

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You Will Never Understand

It was Teacher’s Day last Friday and I was on the school bus with my son to join in the school celebrations. The driver and his assistant were speaking very loudly in Hokkien, discussing GE2015,…

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Library Rules

As an avid reader, there are few things in Singapore that I can be more thankful for than our National Library. I can remember my first library card, a tiny pink cardboard folder (size of…

Can't Buy Me Love

You Just Can’t Fake It

I’ll get to GE2015 hustings in a moment, but first, allow me to share a quote and a page from the history of literature in the UK. Allow me to start with a quote. “The…