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Chua Lam On Puer Tea

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Q: Between tea and coffee, which would you choose? Chua Lam: Tea. I’m very faithful towards my drinks. I don’t want to spend too much effort studying coffee. Q: Your favourite tea? CL: Puer Q. There are so many kinds of teas out there. Tie Guanyin, Longjing tea, Jasmine tea and Ceylon tea. Why puer… Continue reading Chua Lam On Puer Tea

饮酒抽烟,不运动的蔡澜 (Intro)

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Under the category of “Refuse to Behave”, I shall be featuring translated excerpts from the book [饮酒抽烟,不运动的蔡澜]. For those who don’t read Chinese, the title of the book can be translated as Cai Lan (Chua Lam) Who Smokes, Drinks and Doesn’t Exercise – the perfect anti-hero of sanitary Singapore. Mr Chua has mentioned quite categorically… Continue reading 饮酒抽烟,不运动的蔡澜 (Intro)