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Chua Lam On Puer Tea

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Q: Between tea and coffee, which would you choose? Chua Lam: Tea. I’m very faithful towards my drinks. I don’t want to spend too much effort studying coffee. Q: Your favourite tea? CL: Puer Q. There are so many kinds of teas out there. Tie Guanyin, Longjing tea, Jasmine tea and Ceylon tea. Why puer… Continue reading

饮酒抽烟,不运动的蔡澜 (Intro)

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Under the category of “Refuse to Behave”, I shall be featuring translated excerpts from the book [饮酒抽烟,不运动的蔡澜]. For those who don’t read Chinese, the title of the book can be translated as Cai Lan (Chua Lam) Who Smokes, Drinks and Doesn’t Exercise – the perfect anti-hero of sanitary Singapore. Mr Chua has mentioned quite categorically… Continue reading