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Taxi driver blogger James Lim’s latest blog entry urges Singaporeans to migrate if they can. Especially well-written is the following paragraph.

Today, Singapore is nothing more than a business hub. She was born as a trading post and has never grown up to become a nation in the true sense of the word till today. She will never become a nation and never will, just like how could you grow pearls in cockles! The closest she can become is a mere global city-state!

Towards the end, he made a daring call to action.

If you’re a young and educated with valuable skill Singaporean family, I would encourage you to be “FT” of another country. There is nothing to live for in this authoritarian led country!

“Threatening” migration is nothing new. The question is, how many pampered Singaporeans have the guts to step out of the comfort zone?

I posted a short and candid reply to James in his blog.


Actually, many pampered Singaporeans only have themselves to blame. Brought up in a sanitary environment, many of us actually tolerate authoritarian rule better than we tolerate rats, mosquitoes, street protests and having to drive 1 hour to go shopping. That’s why so many of us are “stuck” here. A foreigner once challenged a Singaporean friend to join him in a bold venture overseas. His first questions:

1. What are the safeguards?
2. Are profits guaranteed?
3. Any perks?
4. What if ….?
5. What if ….?
100. What if ….?

How to migrate like that?


Make no mistake, there is no “promised land” out there for the “quitters”. In order to live up to their “threat”, these folks must not only endure the initial shock of entering an alien environment, they must also adapt or perhaps even struggle to stay out of trouble in a freer, far less controlled society. To the minority of true adventurers out there, a chaotic environment offers plenty of opportunities. To the typical law-by-law, no U-turn Singaporean, however, I can quite confidently say that they will miss the nanny state that they’ve left, complaining even more than they did in Singapore! What about those with kids? They may get all flustered when their little ones get their fingers dirty.

Migration is a proactive approach. Nobody is going to “take care” of you. Are you ready for the adventure? Or is all this just NATO?

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