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Kill Singaporeans?

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Veteran DJ and controversial figure Chris Ho (who was featured in our book, Leaving The Pain Behind) is in trouble for making what seemed like an anti-Singaporean remark. Online reactions came fast and furious. Yet apparently, not everyone knows who Chris Ho is. Most of the vilification is coming from ignorant young punks. Chris Ho… Continue reading

The Streaming Universe

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When you “come of age” and are not in the pink of health, you know that it’s time to write an autobiography – especially when you’re an eminent celebrity scientist like Stephen Hawking. In his book My Brief History, Hawking tells us about his life history (with quite a bit of intimate personal details) in… Continue reading

Parents’ Fault?

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Some online comments accuse Associate Professor Jason Tan, National Institute of Education don, of coining the word “parentocracy”. Actually, this word already exists in the dictionary. A parentocracy is a system in which a child’s education must conform to the wealth and wishes of parents rather than the abilities and efforts of the pupil. “It… Continue reading

No Temple Required

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Going through rituals, ceremonies, touching “sacred” objects or even going on pilgrimages to holy places won’t make you a better or more authentic/orthodox Buddhist. It certainly doesn’t mean that the more time you spend at Lumbini, the more pious you are. Alas, some will never understand. Post by Buddhism. Thai pilgrims getting “blessed” with the… Continue reading