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Medieval Mindsets

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In the 16th century, an Italian astronomer by the name of Galileo Galilei designed the then state of the art telescopes and spent many years observing the heavens. His observations were to confirm the deductions of late Nicholas Copernicus’ heliocentric theory – that it was the earth that revolved around the sun and not vice… Continue reading

Teacher Aiyoyo Part 2

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Have you spotted this? The enemy of something good is the quest for “perfection”. There are numerous examples of fixing something that ain’t broken and breaking it in the process within our much-lauded educational framework. “The veins transport waste materials to the organs that can remove them from the body, such as the kidneys.” Veins… Continue reading

Morally Judgmental Exclusions

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Pink Dot Singapore was a gay rights rally at Hong Lim Park, Singapore, drew an estimated 26,000 people on 28 June 2014, said organisers. The event, which celebrates sexual diversity in the Singapore went ahead despite fierce opposition and robust exchange of words with religious conservatives, most of whom may be so “conservative” that they… Continue reading